Kāpiti Coast locals will have an opportunity to talk about mental health and addiction issues to the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry when it visits the region next week. The Meet the Inquiry Panel forum is taking place on Monday 30 July, 4.00-5.30pm at Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club, 17 Toru Road, Paraparaumu Beach(external link)

Members of the Inquiry panel will be present for the meeting. Panel members will spend time with community groups including consumers and providers earlier in the day prior to the public meeting. They say the time in Kāpiti will be an opportunity to hear the views of the community about what is and isn’t working and what could be done better.

“We want to hear the voices of the people. The perspectives of people living and accessing mental health and addiction services on the Kāpiti Coast and their ideas are important to us,” say panel members.

This is the second to last Meet the Panel forum with the final meeting scheduled for Palmerston North on 8 August. “We’ve heard a wealth of personal stories and ideas as we’ve travelled around the country. We’re grateful to everyone who has put time and energy into sharing their thoughts which will feed into the Panel’s deliberations and final report,” says the Panel.

Anyone attending is free to speak at the meeting although speakers are asked to keep their contributions brief and succinct to ensure everyone who wants to have their say can do so. There is also an opportunity for informal kōrero, at the conclusion of meeting, over kai and tea and coffee.

Everyone is welcome at the meeting, including media organisations, and to ensure people feel free and safe to speak frankly in Meet the Inquiry Panel forums, what is said and by whom cannot be recorded, reported, published or shared, including by media organisations or on social media.

Further information about the Inquiry can be found at www.mentalhealth.inquiry.govt.nz

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